Every man & his dog has a blog!

Every man and his dog seems to have a blog page these days…..So here goes another one. I have entered this strange new world from a health profession. It is totally different….. One day I am talking kindly to one of my patients on the MRI scanner table trying to make them believe they are not claustrophobic and they really can stay very still in a long noisy tunnel for an hour will I try and work out why they are getting headaches all the time!

The next day….I sign myself up for Twitter and I have followers…… I keep turning my head to see if they really are following me! Certainly something I cannot imagine my patients ever wanting to do. They just want to get as far away from me as possible!

For me, baby steps has now lead me down the path of blogging. I find it really hard to write down what I am thinking about as I have always been the carer in my health role and have only really consider the thoughts and actions of others. But I am really hoping to learn about and hopefully educate others about “Web 2.0”, social media and the many thousands of applications that can be used. I will actually be writing down my own opinions on what I believe and the good and bad points of social media.

It is a steep learning curve for me as I had not even heard of  “Web 2.0” last year. But I hoping you can help me and provide comments for me and lead me other resourceful blogs by tweeting me @nicoleeastgate.

I will be posting weekly blogs for the next couple of months. Each week I will be talking about a different Web 2.0 application and how it uses O’Reily Design Patterns and Business Models.


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